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Graphic PIZiadas

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Pintura: Jesus Maria Casati Calzada

Jesus Maria Calzada Casati is a professor of “Graphic Expression” in the Department of Aerospace Vehicles (DVA) Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

PhD in Civil Engineering, Canals and Bridges, combines teaching and research, management as well as academic secretary of the department, with his passion for painting, showing great skill in the art of drawing with pastel (inter).

Pointillism and lace

El Puntillismo es un estilo de pintura que aparece por primera vez en 1883, encabezado por el pintor neoimpresionista Georges Seurat, y contando con entre sus más fieles seguidores tales como Henri Edmond Cross y Vlaho Bokovac. El procedimiento empleado por estos artistas, consistente en poner puntos de colores puros en vez de pinceladas sobre… (leer más)

Oils and Pastel: Jesus Maria Casati Calzada. Exhibition in Madrid

Extremadura crib, Madrid adoption. Our colleague María Calzada Casati Jesus gives us his art for a few days at their next painting exhibition which opens this 6 May in Madrid. Civil engineer and professor of the noble art of geometry, Maria Jesus shares the pleasure of painting as a… (leer más)

PIZiadas in oil: Jardin del Eden Guin

A tetraíptico consisting of four canvases 30×120 they can exchange their position forming different compositions. Forth in one of the “garitos” Plaza Mayor of Madrid four years ago along with other compositions (diptychs and triptychs) similar conception. A memory of a friend and colleague died, Victorino García González, whose face stands… (leer más)

PIZiadas in Oils: Jesus [Series “letters”]

Tengo una série de cuadros en los que se representan amigos y personas que me rodean.
“Jesus” tiene dos caras:
La amable como la de un pichón y la dura que le acerca al Águila. Ambos vuelan sobre los campos españoles que recorre incansablemente.

Your name, and their faces are reflected in this picture.
Do you see them?

PIZiadas in Oils: Dove


A composite image of a dove overlaid with a man in a wooded background. It is part of an exhibition I did in Madrid abstract, into a modern gallery in the Plaza Mayor, five years ago.

A message of peace and humanity mixed with nature.

A white dove represents purity of thought.

90 years 284 kilometers

Today marks 90 years since the inauguration by King Alfonso XIII of the first section of the main means of transportation in the city of Madrid. Eight stations between Cuatro Caminos and Puerta del Sol were the embryo of a network that currently has 284 kilometers of track by the daily passing of two and half million citizens.