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Brain III : Brain – toon [ Imagen ][ Wallpaper ]


A new rendering of the 3D model of the brain made with Blender animation software.
En este caso se han definido superficies transparentes y se ha utilizado un shader (render) clásico de los dibujos animados (Toon) que utiliza una rampa de colores para diferenciar claramente las zonas con sombra de las zonas claras o con brillo.

Engineering, brain architecture and neuroscience XXI century

Javier defelipe

Este año, in the act of opening the course 2011/2012, We have had the presence of Javier DeFelipe, Cortical Circuits Laboratory (CTB), we gave an interesting lecture on the status of the project “Cajal Blue Brain” entitled:

“Engineering, brain architecture and neuroscience XXI century”.

Forest neurons

Santiago Ramon y Cajal was the first researcher who managed to see under a microscope the cells that form the brain.

We have many pictures taken in their studies of this complex organ called “forest neurons” by the density of the packing.

A computer image that recreates this density of dendrites and axons can give us an idea of ​​the difficulties encountered by researchers to identify the morphology and connectivity of neurons.

Percepción: Test the dancer [School]

I rescue a new work of my students in educational innovation projects involving training with their blogs. In this case, the group “Geometry Hicks” nos aporta un interesante enlace sobre aspectos de la percepción basados en las leyes de la Gestalt, called “Spinning Girl” or “Test the dancer”, con una ilusión óptica.

Proyecto “Neurona”

This post aims to show publicly a development project I am carrying out the social network Twitter. Its purpose is to inform the community that I relate to an activity of scientific interest in which people are participating indirectly you share my space (TL).

Internet is a matter !

Gaia is a living world. Gaia behaves as a self-regulating system (that tends to balance). Internet is the nervous system. Each person in the network represents a neuron. One blog, therefore, is the expression of a neuron!!!