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In memoriam : Nelson Mandela

Who was the first black president of South Africa who fought much of his life against the racist regime of apartheid, has left us with 95 age.

Today we honor the man who dedicated his whole life to the struggle, peaceful, against the injustice suffered a town dominated by a minority and subjected to all kinds of humiliation and low caste.
Today we salute the humanist who simply knew reconcile both peoples in one bound, no hard feelings but without losing the memory of its recent history. One of the most important processes of peace we've seen in our modern world. A great example.

Skull [ Halloween ][ Wallpaper ][ II ]


From skull model obtained in the model repository for Blender 3D, we have made a new wallpaper playing with the background color and lighting, reinforcing the contour lines with colors based on red, given special meaning in Halloween night.
You can install the image as wallpaper on your computer, to decorate at this time.

Cuts in education?? Not, thanks !

I do not dispute the need to tighten their belts in a society with economic difficulties, quite the contrary. There are moments in life when we must cut our expenses to achieve ambitious goals.
What I do argue is what is the game you must make the effort saver. Advisors?? Representation expenses?? Cars of politicians?? Olympics?? …. Clearly there are many economic items that seem to be completely dispensable and, however, our politicians do not seem to substantially reduce them.

Foreclosures in the 13, Rue's Percebe [Humor]

Although not to laugh never an embargo, I found that this version of the vignette “13 Rue the barnacle” is a reflection, humorous, of Spanish reality.

The model's abusive banking that has allowed this unfortunate social situation has had an impact on European legal instances.

Cyprus and the Euro [ Imagen ]

A new image, made with Blender, which associates economic problems of the eurozone countries like Cyprus, in the dark background of the global economy.

A news, Cypriot playard, that does nothing to call ghosts we all have, debate rescuing the euro's survival.
The legal uncertainty of these events in contrast to our criticisms of the nationalization of enterprises in third countries. Payment of the economic excesses imposed on the population in a dark suit political and social interests.

Today is Cyprus, a small country … Tomorrow?

Formula 1 Melbourne, Australia [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The show starts with the speed of Formula Race 1 (F1) circuit in Melbourne (Australia).
A new season motivates us picture of the day, with a 3D model of a formula 1 reflected on planes, with a profile of Australia providing translucent color.

A new season in which we see again the struggle between the technical teams and the skill of the pilots.

Iberia fracture [ Wallpaper ]

The company Iberia (IB) is one of the oldest in the world. Currently in the news for their strikes as a result of technical and economic difficulties suffered, that have led to various workforce adjustments, fleet and service lines.

One company that we have known all life and the logo shown in the national colors of a country, fractures and struggle to survive in an ever expanding market, globalized and competitive environment in which low cost companies impose their business models.