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Pieces of Drafting [54] [ Normalization ] [ Education ]

The pieces in 3d that we are presenting, mostly, come from representations of real objects with functionality in mechanical assemblies. Identifying your working position can help us find the main view of the object, that will determine the most complete information of the same. One or more additional views, profile, the front auxiliary views, will end up defining the shape and dimensions of the object.

Pieces of Drafting [53] [ Normalization ] [ Education ]

A new 3D mechanical part, which can be defined from a main view to determine the flat shape and position of the accommodation on it. An additional view, the front profile, terminará de definir la forma y longitud de los resaltes y agujeros.Deberemos por lo tanto representarla según las normas de… (leer más)

inFORM physically interacting in a virtual world

An interesting development in a total communication pasohacia through networks are the projects that are being developed at the MIT Media Lab to interact between the physical and the logical or virtual world. Bits sharing the same physical space with atoms.

In particular I was struck by the presentation of a surface in three-dimensional display form of variable that allows remote physically interact.

Projection mapping live performance art – The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk

A new application techniques “Projection mapping” in an interesting artistic experience.
The timing of the movement of the mime with a screening permit its use in a live performance of singular beauty.
One technique that is maturing and finding new sources of inspiration.

Projection mapping on movable

The technique known “projection mapping” has reached a new milestone in its technical and artistic development with the use of mobile media projection.
Robotic arms synchronized projectors allow progress in this spectacular visual technique, in which we add the real image and the synthetic carrying our senses into imaginary worlds where almost anything is possible.

SmartBird : A robot that flies like a bird [ TED ]

SmartBird is an ultralight flight model inspired by the herring gull with excellent aerodynamic qualities and extreme agility.
The project SmartBird, Festo has been implemented in a mechanical the flight of birds. This bionic technology-bearer can take flight, freely fly and land autonomously – without an additional drive mechanism.

Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters [TED]

Raffaello D'Andrea us in this interesting video “TED” (in English) a spectacular demo on their quadcopters behave like true athletes, solving physical problems with algorithms that allow them to learn.
Nine demos in which D'Andrea shows us how his drones are able to make decisions or solve individually coordinated complex balancing tests.
A video that gives a quick overview of the state of art in the development of this technology.

Pieces of Drafting [13] (Solución) [Normalization] [Education]

Solution to the thirteenth piece of technical drawing.

They have represented the three main views (plant, elevation and profile) conducting student leaving the new views (not necessary for the representation of the object).

Between the two possible profiles, We used one containing a smaller number of hidden lines.