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Pumpkins of my students (IV) [ Blender ]


Con la unidad Didactica, cómo realizar una Calabaza de Halloween en Blender, afronta se el Análisis de un objeto renderizado básico y del modelizado.

El trabajo propuesto, Machidunia Realization una calabaza en formato de halloween wallpaper, cada de diferentes formas en las que puede Alumno orientarse introduce water creatividad y experiencia.

In some cases they have chosen to add several Pumpkins of halloween to the scene, en otros, como es el caso que estamos viendo, elaborado Khan el más Elaboradas Procedimiento utilizando TÉCNICAS soluciones.

Pumpkins of my students (III) [ Blender ]


Proposed topics in computer animation classes are developed by the student free.

From a simple script practice which advance the basics of working, each student brings their own interpretation of the theme.
In class explained, with a teaching unit, cómo realizar una Calabaza de Halloween en Blender. From working script were asked to make a wallpaper for hallowen night without specifying any restrictions.

Pumpkins of my students (II) [ Blender ]


The use of a subject, or work purposes, classes in computer animation allows us to have a reference in mind on which to project our progress.

Develop the most creative part of the student while he raises a personal challenge that serves to go searching for meaning and application to technical advances that occur in learning the subject.

Pumpkins of my students (I) [ Blender ]


In the courses we offer to perform computer animation, as exercise, different compositions are inspired by some social issue. This year we used “Halloween” como referencia temática para componer una imagen tras la segunda clase del curso. Son imágenes que se corresponden con una primera etapa de formación, but with a meritorious work… (leer más)

iHalloween – Pumpkin my Mac


When we decorate our computer always think of a desktop background or wallpaper suitable to the occasion.
There are other fun ways to “tunearlo” out that do not need a complex software or an expensive investment.

Have scissors and some Post-it notes?

The most famous of these festivals are objects pumpkins. Can we convert our Apple logo on your Mac in a fun character? I do not need to give too many instructions. 😉