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Graphic PIZiadas

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Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (XI) : Space balls with tinsel [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A new wallpaper for use as wallpaper in this Christmas. A background with spiral galaxy “Leo” on overlapping Christmas balls with different images embedded funds spatial.

A work of rendering and compositing with Blender node editor, that lets you see the possibilities of post-production of this free software tool.

Space Images [Students work]

Here are some images that pupils have generated animation software Blender. Initially they were posted on the blog that has been open for educational innovation project “innovablog” entitled Dibublog. This publication serves to increase the visibility of their work, at the same time constitute a permanent backup. Almost… (leer más)

Space [School][Experimental Blogs][Blender]

A new work of my students in the form of music video with images taken in the training course “Computer Graphics” that we are developing with the modeling and animation tool Blender. The objective set in this new training exercise was to obtain an image that serves to illustrate documents on the, including planets,… (leer más)

Discovery: STS-131. Time Lapse Movie

Un fantástico vídeo acelerado (Time lapse), que nos muestra la fase final de un lanzamiento en la que se realiza el ensamblaje del “Space Shuttel” con el conjunto formado por los depósitos laterales de combustible y el motor principal, así como su traslado a la estructura soporte para su lanzamiento.