Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Metric Geometry [Experimental Blogs]

On this page are published links Selected content on blogs the innovative educational experience. This is a selection of the works that have been published last month the groups It trained for such an experience.
I hope you like his extraordinary contribution to the educational world.

  • The beauty of geometry

The magic of perspective

Mathematical Games


The Magic of Drawing (Optical Illusions Video)


M.C. Escher
Moebius Tape
Music geometry
  • History of geometry

History of the Pythagorean Theorem
Thales of Miletus

History of Graffiti

  • Fundamentals

Review Graphic Expression: fundamental theorems
  • Golden Relations
Donald Duck and the Golden Section (definition video and Disney)
The divine proportion (video)
The golden ratio or golden (video)
The Golden Number.

The number of Gold in Art and Nature

  • Similarity

The size of the land

Proportionality (?)

Heritage equally

  • Proportionality

Quadrature curvilinear surfaces Proportionality


  • Degrees of freedom


Degrees of freedom

The Degrees of Freedom and Constraints

The graph Euler

Three houses, three plants
  • Polygons and polyhedra

Geometry in Nature
Bet geometric
The geometry that is hidden in a football
The geometry and football together hand in hand

Hex from Nash


  • Fundamental Problem Tangencies


Review Graphic Expression: Power(Concept)

Presentation (Power concept)
  • Transformaciones

Symmetries Review
Graphic Expression:
The Investment
Rap investment
  • Perspectivity and optical illusions

Optical Illusions Pictures and impossible constructions??

All is not gold that glitters

  • Links

“Controlillo” (recommend tangencies)

  • Software Tools

Free programs flat and three-dimensional geometry

  • Applications tangency

Applications of geometry in cartoons

Problems classic tangencies






Applications to problems of Apollonius

  • Activities proposed by the groups

In mourning! (Challenge geometric between groups)

A forum?

  • Curiosities

Geometrical CuriositiesIdea Screening happy = Radius of the Earth

The Puerta de Europa

Curiosity Mathematical-Graphic
Geometrical and visual curiosities

Geometry Furtiva

Sort Earrings

Platonic Solids

Geometry in sports: ski