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Andy (Android) y su novia (VI) [ School ]


Keep coming recent work of creating a character based on Android accompanying Andy on stage that we are preparing.

We found that contrast sharply versions in focus, such as in this case where the character gives a feeling of youth as opposed to Mrs. Andy.

Noteworthy in this design the outline of the body and adornment, shaped necklace pearls, that characterizes this new character.

Andy (Android) y su novia (V..) [ School ]

Lady Android

We have seen different interpretations of the pair of Andy (Android) looking for a minimalist characterization of a new character.

The conceptualization of the genus has been based on the color as the main element, body shape and added some details that have given a “touch” special character:

Andy House (I) [ School ]

Andy House

Another work of our students on the fifth anniversary of Android. Besides looking pairs of characters or simply mark the anniversary, started to build scenarios for the characters.

A basic environment, a room, with a window that allows us to imagine a more complex serves as the basis for making a new version of the pair of Andy

Andy Blender Model ( Android )

Model Andy

In the next animation classes we will work the movement of a character via keyframes, key shape and skeletons.

In order to follow the practices in coordination with a single model, we will put in the blog one version of Andy, Android Mascot, we have developed as an example. You can download the model Andi (Android) Blend here.

Pumpkins of my students (XI) [ Blender ]


New work from the series “halloween pumpkins” within the course of computer graphics and animation we are doing.

A late delivery even, since we revasado halloween date, serves to not be a pumpkin note, Instead of learning the basic editing techniques and lighting with the engine cycles.

Andy and Dyna on the fifth anniversary of Android [ School ]


We celebrated the fifth anniversary of Android with a series of commemorative works in our computer animation classes.

While we have modeled to Andy we have tried to design a partner to keep the unity of style character and complements.

Aniversario Android (I) [ School ][ Blender ]

Aniversario Android

The fifth anniversary of Android has inspired us to model a character, Andy, con Blender. For this reason they have developed different versions as it may have been inventing their partner, by Novia, or create a commemorative picture of the event.

Pumpkins of my students (X) [ Blender ]


By putting the title of this series of papers to create a pumpkin had a dual purpose. On the one hand, logically, the title should communicate the contents of the page but, also, wanted to send a message to my students and use it as joke in class.

“When that does not work send me Pumpkin …. I put it”.

Put a pumpkin on education has always been understood as putting a “zero”, suspense.
So, after

Android girl [ School ][ Blender ]


A new version of the pair of Andy, in this case the feminine version that refers Rubén García Jail.

Draws particular attention to the evolution of the Android Robot antennas, in this case become female hair.

To complete the transformation, from the viewpoint expressive, adds prominent lips and cheeks with rouge.

The body also has formed at the bottom, el acampanando the extreme mode falda.

Pumpkins of my students (IX) [ Blender ]


Some jobs are arriving late mail, like this pumpkin Dungeon Ruben Garcia. In any case, we add to the collection of works as each provides unique features that we can always discuss in our classes.

The lighting of the scenes of some of pumpkins gives us clues about birth control they gain, hint allowing the lines defining the outline of the figure, As seen in this work.

Another aspect are the different approaches to camera, looking stronger planes from the point of view expressive.

Andy y sus amigos (Android) [ School ][ Blender ]


Among the various free performances on the exercise of creating a couple of characters based on Andy, Current Android mascot, Hemos seen with creative ideas “new” friends and in this we find in this case “aged”

Jorge Gregorio Zaplana send us their work on the theme of this week, Android and Anniversary 5 years old.