Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Video Editing : Picture in Picture [PiP]

Superimposing one image over another in a region thereof is an effect that is known to “Picture in Picture” or “PiP”
Blender lets you edit videos incorporating nonlinearly, inter, this functionality.

Google Auto Awesome : Snow Effect

Google allows us to store the photos we do with our terminal “Android” automatically, and automatically, every so often, surprises us with different effects applied to them.
One of these effects, applying generating an animated GIF file, snow is. Whitish flakes move with Brownian motion on the area of ​​our instant, is the efectto “snow”.

ILM : Industrial Light & Magic

George Lucas founded in 1975 a company to create the special effects for the film has been known as his masterpiece: “Star Wars”.
This company is split between San Francisco and Singapore is definitely an indisputable leader in the production of the most modern special effects, involving over 300 films including the most complex science fiction cinema.

What is the effect on an image Warp?

There are many effects that can be applied to images using techniques that distort more or less controlled. One of the most used is called “Warp effect” allowing, manteniendo la información de iluminación y color, generar animaciones de un fotograma fijo. Veamos de forma práctica este efecto. Para introducir este… (leer más)

Node editor: Efectos: Shadow [Blender]

Filter “Shadow” is located inside the edge recognition operators. Detects the shadows and enhance them or change their color. Un sencillo ejemplo se puede realizar con el editor de nodos de Blender Usaremos una imagen colorida como base para aplicar los filtros. A bouquet of flowers can serve. Aplicaremos… (leer más)

Node editor: Efectos: Sobel [Blender]

The Sobel operator contours of an image is mainly applied to determine; belongs to the edge detection tools used for image recognition. Es un operador discreto, (actúa sobre los valores de cada pixel) y los relaciona con los de su entorno inmediato analizando la velocidad de cambio en cada… (leer más)