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Darling with the dark side [Students work][Blender]

During the last months has been published on the blog a Blender course, free software 3D animation. The course has been an innovative educational experience in which they have participated 50 technical inegenieria Aviation of the UPM students. The experience has consisted of giving training on a blended basis, with… (leer más)

PIXAR and jumping lamp, Luxo Jr


In 1986 Pixar Animations Studios produced his first animated short film, since then jumping lamp appears on your logo. Looking for this first job I have found different videos in the company of great interest, as animation “wireframe” This short, en la que no se han aplicado texturas ni iluminación a la… (leer más)

Comparison of the size of the stars HD

It's hard to imagine the size of celestial bodies, space, of the dimensions of an unknown universe. The following video allows us to take a walk in the universe and compare the size of a few bodies known, since our honeymoon to a red giant star. Un paseo espectacular que te recomiendo realizar en pantalla… (leer más)

Morphing Control: Picture duration [ with Squirlz Morph ]

One of the aspects that need to be adjusted by morphing is the duration or number of frames needed for two different stages. Initial and final transition between two images exhibition of images. If only two images are used we can add extra time with a functionality of Morph menu: Morph -> Hold Start/End Images… (leer más)

Morphing Control: Analysis of topological distortions [ with Squirlz Morph ]

Hemos visto que se puede distorsionar topológicamente el plano al realizar un morphing. Este efecto de distorsión se materializa visualmente en forma de círculos y ondas que distorsionan la imagen. Veamos con un ejemplo esquematizado este fenómeno que debemos controlar para asegurar una calidad en nuestras transiciones. Supongamos que queremos realizar un morphing entre dos… (leer más)

Morphing Control: Distortions topological [ with Squirlz Morph ]

Determining control points by morphing how to perform the movement of the image for “mutate” between frames. A simple checkpoint radically changes the result of the transition between the images, to determine how they are transformed image planes. In the following video “plays” with… (leer más)

Morphing Phases : Example applied to faces [ with Squirlz Morph ]

The process of “Morphing” between two images is a mix between a molten image processing and geometric surfaces. Control points displacements indicate that the images will suffer. The proper management of these control points results in a higher quality “transition” between images. Here is an… (leer más)

Morphing: Brad Piziadas [ with Squirlz Morph ]

After delivery “Morphing Phases [ with Squirlz Morph ]” in which I have set an example of morphing with Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. After messing originated with my coworkers, I can not stop putting other a little more seductive, con Brad Pitt. Sobran las palabras Y… (leer más)

How to Make a Morphing two images [with Squirlz Morph]

Después de ver qué es un morphing, we will perform a complete example, from downloading the software to the production of the image file with the sequence calculated. In this example, let the basic sequence for creating a “morphing” between two images. Existen muchas aplicaciones que facilitan la tarea de creación de… (leer más)

VA-Deosen with photos “Photo Story 3”: Generate video

We continue with our tutorial “Photo Story 3”. The last step in creating our video composed of photos, narrated text and background music, is to generate the video in a format (codecs) that is viewable video viewer, or we can upload to Youtube for example, para distribuirlo en la… (leer más)