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Graphic PIZiadas

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Source : Fluid simulation with Blender


The fluid simulation in Blender is based on the numerical ( integration) a system of particles. The properties associated with these particles as its viscosity, mass etc create the effect that would occur in the different liquids.

High values ​​of viscosity will result simulations liquid oils and fats, while lower values ​​we provide sensations as the flow of water.

Chof ! Simulation in Blender


Blender has several functions to perform physical simulations: Smoke, fluids, by the, Particle systems etc..

These tools allow complex animations with simple menus where you define the type of simulation and the role it held in our object, adding parameters to their behavior.

Drawing with water : Diffusion in ink


Drawing an interesting technique performed with water and ink which is based on the concept of diffusion (we study in physics) whereby, molecules of two liquids are mixed.

This drawing technique is employed by Emmanuel Guibert, comic book artist and writer, for creating a magnificent graphic novel ALAN'S WAR.

Hoy 22 marzo es el Día Internacional del Agua

The UN General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/47/193 by the 22 March each year, has been declared World Water Day. The objective of World Water Day (2011) es conseguir la atención internacional sobre el impacto del rápido crecimiento de la población urbana, industrialización e incertidumbre que… (leer más)

Effects of reflection in water : Baseline : Software Sqirlz Water Reflections

The reflection of light on a surface responds to a simple geometric pattern. The axial symmetry about a plane or can explain and calculate their behavior. El software Sqirlz Water permite obtener imágenes reflejadas utilizando estos patrones de comportamiento de la luz, as we have seen to enter the “reflection in water“ Para analizar… (leer más)

Effects of reflection in water : Software Sqirlz Water Reflections

We have seen how to make a morphing of an image by special software (Sqirlz Morph) Xiberpix company from two images or videos. En esta entrada incorporamos una nueva herramienta a nuestro repertorio de programas de manipulación de imagen de síntesis, con la que podremos generar impresionantes efectos de reflexión especular mezclados con… (leer más)