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Add objects from a file [ Blender ]

In developing a project, one Blender, involving different people with different roles. Some are dedicated to creating stage, others specialize in model objects or encourage, other team members define aesthetics providing materials and textures ….

All these elements are assembled in files where we will create and solve sequences or scenes of our animation.

3D Animation, Files: Change of scene objects [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

We have seen how to open new scenes (add) from a file without leaving the current session. We will now see how we can incorporate the elements of the new scenes which we. This allows multiple people to work on the same project, subsequently integrate editing objects in the same scene. Para la gestión de… (leer más)

3D Animation, Files: Abrir una escena [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

A scene contains a set of customizable variables, surroundings, items such as cameras and lights, as well as a set of objects. We can imagine a scenario of a theater with its contents: decorating elements, actors, lighting. Al saving a file in Blender, stores the entire workspace: Lights, cameras, objects, textures etc… (leer más)

Visualizar 3D PDF en Chrome

A few days ago I published a PDF with 3D content (a three-dimensional mechanical element). In reviewing the content to start a series of lesson plans for my students “Technical Drawing”, I could see, horrified, that had lost the ability to rotate the piece. In his stead, se mostraba un dibujo plano con la perspectiva del… (leer más)

3D Animation, Files: Save images with textures [Blogs experimental][ Blender ]

When saving a file as we have seen in the Blender tutorial containing textures formed with images, stored the geometry and the structure of data you keep it but them images.

Instead of storing the texture and the image that it defines, stored the structure rationale and the different images are sustituyen sus absolute address for the relative.

3D Animation, Files: Save the scene [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

When we spent several hours preparing a model usually stored in files with the same backup in case the program “hangs” leaving for work or just to continue the work later and archive different versions. Todos hemos perdido datos en algún momento y nos ha tocado repetir el trabajo con la sobrecarga que eso… (leer más)