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Soma resin [ 3D Printer ]

Soma resin

3D printers are becoming more common in college environments, industrial and scientific. Gradually incorporate other household types to become an element of our toolboxes.

These tools allow 3D models from a data file that describes the geometry. Normally be used for parts or mechanical objects or simple rapid prototyping.

Here I present the results of using this technique to produce 3D views of the soma of a neuron, that can be used for the study neuroscientists morphologically.

ROSA [ Animation ]

ROSA is a short animation of Jesus Orellana deestética “Underground” some comics reminiscent of the 80's.

Use the aesthetics “Matrix” little contrast in environments that create a dense atmosphere, almost dark, to develop an argument in which a cyborg must fight to survive.

An interesting audiovisual proposal may soon become a super-production of cinema.

Pigeon: Impossible [ Animation ]


Some animated shorts have been conducted in a learning process their authors. Many of these jobs are considered a “Debut” are of high artistic quality and have a meritorious technical achievement.

A secret agent, his briefcase high technology and a pigeon (dove) are the basis of this short hilarious animation, that has received numerous awards and accolades.

Gopher broke [ Animation ]


A short mood (Jeff Fowler) it was nominated in the 2005 for an Oscar for best animated short.

Produced by Blur Studio, shows us the adventures of its protagonist to get some food.

A plan unfortunately frustrated by other secondary actors, which however did not discourage our character.

Alarm [ Animation ]


Again get up early.

After the well-deserved vacation to have to adapt back to school, from the daily routine that is imposed from the early hours of the day with the stridency of the alarm.

In the hands of animators, Moo-hyun Jang y Jung-woo Choo, “Alarm” awakens us to our dream holiday.

A Gentlemen’s Duel [ Animation ]


Blur Studio es una compañía que lleva cosechando multitud de premios en efectos visuales, animation and design since 1995.

Elaborate 3D models and animations synthesis for creative application in various media including film and television include.

Based in Venice, California, We offer creativity in works like “A Gentlemen's Duel” in that a funny story of struggle is conjugated by a lady, with a scene set in outstanding. Pump up the volume and enjoy its effects perfectly synchronized audio with fast action.

Halloween Night 3D [ Animation ] [ videos ] : The Passenger


La noche que antecede al día de todos los santos, o de los difuntos, es la noche de halloween.
Es un espacio para el miedo, el terror, en un ambiente de humor que desdramatiza la muerte.

Los colores naranja y negro sirven para decorar esta festividad, en la que el truco o trato se repite entre los más jóvenes.

Eyes on the Solar System : Visor de misiones de la NASA

eyes NASA

NASA has made available to the public in general a 3D environment that allows us to explore the cosmos from our computer with actual data of their missions. El software se denomina “Eyes on Solar System” and is accessible from the official NASA pages. Immerse yourself with your sight in our Solar system and… (leer más)

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping es el arte de utilizar proyecciones de imágenes que se adaptan a la forma de los objetos que se usan como “pantallas” o soportes de proyección, getting stunning views and elegant especially in urban elements. Es una nueva forma de comunicarse y promocionar eventos o productos. Es especialmente útil desde el punto de vista del marketing para aquellos que quieran lanzar un mensaje de una manera llamativa y atractiva visualmente con la exposición pública garantizada: la proyección en 3D de los edificios

Fly [Animation]

A new installment of animations made with synthetic image used to illustrate the techniques required in these productions. The interest here lies in the possibility of group work that can be retrofitted to build a short; una interesante idea para proponer como trabajo de fin de curso en… (leer más)