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How to make a photo mosaic with images? [Foto-Mosaik]

mosaico-joju-fotoMosaicAn image on a computer screen is formed by a set of points, called pixels, Color.

Our perception supported by the Gestalt laws make us believe that it is a continuous image although its nature is discrete.

An application that easily allows a mosaic of a photograph from a set of images is the software Photo-Mosaic.

There are other similar applications that are characterized by the different options and features that we provide to control the final, as the number of photos to be used, the times you can repeat an image, the detail of the final result, etc..

Photo-Mosaic to control the process in a simple way rapidly producing interesting results.

To test the software I made a mosaic of my avatar Twiter, using the avatars of my followers (followers) it as a base to form the final image. You can see the mosaic in more detail by clicking on the picture below (5372 × 3570 3,5Mb):


Basically what we have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Generar the database the images used in the mosaic it
  • Elegir la imagen the reason it mosaic
  • Ajustar the size and resolution parameter
  • Other parameters determined ajuste fine (superposition of the main image, repeating images….)
  • Generar and saving la imagen

The interface is very intuitive, in just a few minutes we can complete the software installation and generate our first mosaic.

The free version is almost complete, limited to the use of force “All” the images of the database for example, but to have a fun time is not important.

To generate my data bas open in the browser have a session on Twitter and I accessed the section “Followers”.

With the vertical bar to move the window I've been moving it to have all the fans loaded in the window, that he saved as fichero the html web page. The navegaor generate a directory with all the images that will help us later to create the database.

?Feel like making your own mosaic?

Link: Photo-Mosaic Download