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Blender 2.69 just around the corner

We're used to dynamically update the increasingly popular modeling and animation software free Blender.
Version 2.69 is in the last phase error detection in what has been called the “Release” candidate 2. In a few days will present the final compilation of this new version in which, increasingly, the rendering engine improvements are remarkable Cycles.

New version of Blender ( 2.67 )

True to its dynamic development, Blender, one of the best animation suites, available from today a new version that you can download from their official websites.
Version 2.67 program improvement in various aspects as always, although, along with new material shaders to simulate effects such as “subsurface scattering”, incorporates a new experimental rendering mode which determines the contours or shape of the objects: Freestyle.

Blender 2.66a Keyboard Shortcuts

Los usuarios más avanzados del software de modelado y animación Blender lo manejan con una mano en el ratón y la otra sobre el teclado.

Una interesante página, de Waldo Bronchart, nos permite encontrar fácilmente el mapa de funciones sobre el teclado en cada uno de los modos de trabajo/edición de Blender.

Change the language in Blender

One of the options that can be configured in Blender is the language in which menus and aid or “Tips” you see when you mouse over the different menus of the program.
Personally I like to keep the default settings in English, as, sometimes, translations are literally but not adequately reflect the function of the command in question.

Ya está disponible la nueva versión de Blender ( 2.66 )

As every few months, a new version of the most important free modeling and animation software has come to light. Blender 2.66 is available for download on different operating systems on the official pages of the application:

The novelties are many important.

First were fixed over 250 errors (bugs) the previous version.

Physics : Dynamic paint : Introduction [ Blender ]

dynamic paint

“Dynamic paint” is a feature introduced in Blender since version 2.61. Lets use an object as canvas (“Canvas”) and another as brush (“Brush”) and dynamically, through contact with the painting brush, “paint” textures that can be used as weight maps for different purposes.

These maps can be used to simulate dusty areas we can clean, grass fields we can cut (by the). condensation on windows in which to fingerpaint etc..

New version of Blender ( 2.65 )

Blender 2.65

A new version of Blender has been licensed today.

The review that includes more than 200 bug fixes (Bugs) detected in the previous version, 2.64, includes significant improvements in the particle system used in the generation of smoke, with ability to mix colors and variable domains to generate smoke, and in the surface mesh editing.

Version, interface that maintains the 2.5x series coming months will continue to evolve to provide significant improvements in their rendering engines for particles between other notable aspects.

3D Animation, Particles : Smoke with adaptive domains and dissemination of colors [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

Train with smoke

We have seen how to create a domain for generating smoke through a system of particles. This domain should be static before version 2.65 the Blender.

From this latest version, Available in December 2012, domains can be defined to suit the needs of a dynamic and, even, change of position in space.

New functionality includes the ability to use different types of color for each emitting smoke, which can be mixed by diffusion.

Gradually we come to a real fluid simulator.

Blender “latest build” vs “Official build”

Release Logs Thumbs

Live blender is a software which is in a continuous process of development. Every so often, a new official version is considered stable enough to be used in production.

Al started Blender can see him revision number on build, that starts with the letter “r”. This number appears on the Home screen or “Splash Screen” we can get from the menu “Help”

Widget regional elections 2012. Galicia and the Basque Country


The newspaper El Pais offers a Widget regional elections to follow our blog.

The widget is inserted by a script with HTML code and lets you interact on a graph to display the results in real time, contrasting with previous elections.

This widget has been installed on this page from which you can follow so the scrutiny.



Trendsmap is an application that displays, Real time,.the words become trending topics on the social network Twitter.

Shows the terms that are “trend” on a geographical map, with font sizes that represent the intensity of use.

It identifies geographic areas or terms (words) to see where they are using, providing information in addition to that used tuits, of most viewed images and videos.

An interesting application to know what happens in the world, graphically without leaving home.