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Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (XV) : Christmas Dream House [ Imagen 1280×1024 ] [Postproduction]


A wallpaper from working with Blender in post an image synthesis (Christmas wallpaper with house and snow) designed for this Christmas.

The result has been a fantastic image, befitting a fantasy dream. The central motif is deformed esferizando straight lines, while filters applied to the image granulated breaking its definition and sharpness.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (XIV) : Snowy background with house [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A classic wallpaper Christmas with a house in a snowy landscape.

The smoke from the chimney, that adds warmth to the scene, was made with Blender particle system.

The vegetation has been modeled with the tools to create synthetic hair.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (XIII) : Figurative Christmas Tree [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A Christmas tree made up of stars, traditional decorated with christmas balls. A new wallpaper to decorate your desktop.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (IX) : Geometric Christmas Tree: Toroides y poliedros [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A wallpaper made with Blender to use as wallpaper in resolution 1280 x 1024 based on basic geometric elements.

The tree structure is created with toroids (torus of revolution) that have been repeated by the operator “Array” size scaling.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (V..) : Geometric Christmas Tree: Cube helicoid[ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

geometrico tree helicoide cubes

A new wallpaper image synthesis realized with thanks to the modeling tool Blender 2.6.

In this case we have constructed a christmas tree through a geometric transformation, a helix.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (IV) : Árbol de navidad [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


An image that can be used as wallpaper for Christmas.

A Christmas plea based on the conceptualization of the typical Christmas tree.

The model has been made with Blender, from a set of cubes that have been represented with the technique that we have seen rendering type “Halo”

3D Animation, Examples: Árbol de navidad [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

Christmas Tree

Let's see how to model with Blender is a small tree which has served to make the Christmas card presented in the first image.

We use a model similar to that used to create the Christmas tinsel, based on the concept of incorporating Blender hair.

Spring foliage and explosion [Imagen]

Spring offers us images that could saturate our visual memory. The senses are stimulated by the wealth of shapes and colors that nature gives us. It is a time of unrest, wherein the growth hormones that guide dominate us. Las plantas y árboles colonizan nuestro espacio visual que se ve limitado en… (leer más)

Wallpaper: Flower “Prune trilobulado”

The Prunus triloba Lindl is known by different names, as: Plum Flower, Almond Flower, Almond tree, Prune trilobulado. Belongs to the family “Rosaceae” and its origin is in China; being introduced in Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century. Its size is between that of a small tree and shrub… (leer más)

Calendar 2011 International Year of Forests

Ecologists in Action has a page where we have the most important days 2011 with events or events that are planned for the International Year of Forests. In addition to the dates cited, We offer a beautiful calendar that you can download in PDF format to print download. Between the dates that… (leer más)