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The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository

The development of algorithms for image reconstruction and computer analysis has grown dramatically in recent years, developing a universal science that structures developed procedures. The presentation of these algorithms in scientific conferences allows the exchange of ideas among researchers in the field, I usually use a series of models… (leer más)

RealFlow : Fluid simulation [Videos]


REALFLOW es un simulador de fluidos en 3D creado por la empresa madrileña (España) “Next Limits Technologies”. Its creators, Victor Gonzalez, Ignacio Vargas and Angel Tena were awarded a Technical Achievement Award 2007 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his work done with this realistic simulation based on particle.

Geometry : Variational geometry educational software


The study of the geometry has been done conventionally constructed figures composed of lines and circles which are related by geometrical concepts. These figures are obtained from a particular position in the data of a problem and the aim is to superimpose a set of constructs for determining the solution thereof. Without… (leer más)

FotoSketcher : Turn your photos into drawings

Digital filters allow a simple complex transformations of the images. FotoSketcher is an interesting free application that turns our photographs into works of art. Dispone de un sofisticado conjunto de filtros digitales, totalmente personalizables, que nos permiten simular diferentes técnicas de dibujo y pintura: Pencil charcoal Watercolour oil ink china pointillism… (leer más)

Apophysis: Software para crear Imagen fractales


Los fractales sound comunmente conocidos in the belleza de sus representaciones, aunque lejos mass is surprisingly encuentran los hacen una de su compleja interpretación Mathematica implícita. Benoît Mandelbrot, un genio visionario surprisingly intuyó el concepto of fractal dimension, aportando Imagen de una Nueva Vision de estas en application de la investigación multipurpose CAMPOS científica. The… (leer más)

Install the Android SDK with Eclipse


The Android operating system has been extended to next generation mobile devices, add value to its functionality. You can easily program applications based on JAVA language. This article started with a tutorial that will allow us to impact graphic design applications on these platforms. Android es un sistema operativo basado en… (leer más)



FotoMorph is a free application that allows imaging morphs easily and intuitively. Allows elementary or composite morphs (multiple) with an interface that is between an image editing application and the characteristic of nonlinear video editing. FotoMorph tiene funcionalidad para otras deformaciones… (leer más)

Display: Visual tools for the socio–semantic web

Seeking models for scientific visualization applications of massive data (neurons of the cerebral cortex) he disfrutado con el trabajo de Moritz Stefaner y su Masters Thesis “Visual tools for the socio–semantic web” (.pdf, 12MB)
In his bibliography is defined as a person interested in the representation of information:

Social Collider: Visualization of interactions on Twitter

The representation of social interactions between users, the effect of a given word and its dissemination in a live network is subject to complex sociological. El efecto de un pensamiento o “same” short time can impact on any geographical latitude, forming a system comparable to neuronal tissue.

La interpretación de los grafos puede ser tan compleja como la de los que producen los modernos colisionadores de partículas. The vertical lines indicate no effect, while the vertical and spirals denote great media impact.