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3D Animation, Modifiers: Array: Helical staircase [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Geometry modifiers for transforming simple elements to complex objects that serve to build our scenarios. Here's an example that will allow us to form a spiral staircase ( straight axial helical) from a simple step that will apply a repetitive transformation law. A transformation of great interest are the “Arrays”,… (leer más)

What is the effect on an image Warp?

There are many effects that can be applied to images using techniques that distort more or less controlled. One of the most used is called “Warp effect” allowing, manteniendo la información de iluminación y color, generar animaciones de un fotograma fijo. Veamos de forma práctica este efecto. Para introducir este… (leer más)



FotoMorph is a free application that allows imaging morphs easily and intuitively. Allows elementary or composite morphs (multiple) with an interface that is between an image editing application and the characteristic of nonlinear video editing. FotoMorph tiene funcionalidad para otras deformaciones… (leer más)

Final Battle [Students work][Blender]

A new job computer graphics students, made with Blender animation software and edited with MovieMaker. Miguel Ramos Garcia presents us with strong drama a crisis scenario in the form of trailer space. I feel like I have its premiere, míra el vídeo y ya me dirás si no te apetece… (leer más)

Node editor: Split window [Blender]

Most digital editing programs include a mode “preview” to visualize, about, el resultado de aplicar un filtro a una imagen. Blender dispone de una herramienta en el editor de nodos que permite poder contrastar dos imágenes en una misma ventana. La proximidad de las imágenes permite apreciar mejor… (leer más)

Node editor: Image Filters [Blender]

Los filtros permiten modificar una imagen resaltando elementos o características específicas, difuminando o corrigiendo desenfoques, añadiendo o sustrayendo información de color e iluminación, determinando contornos o fronteras entre objetos, variando el tamaño y forma de la imagen …. y una gran variedad de funciones adicionales que se aplican mediante un conjunto de operadores matemáticos. Any… (leer más)

3D Animation, Efectos: Create a Halo [Blogs experimental][ Blender ]

A halo can be classified within the lighting elements, or be considered a special effect. We have seen an example of using this technique as in the case of Halo of the Sun; we will see how to define and how to adjust some of its parameters. La clasificación tiene sentido para la organización del interface… (leer más)

Postproduction: Layered separate animation

La última fase de creación de una película o documento audiovisual se conoce con el nombre de posproducción. En esta etapa se monta el material disponible y se añaden transiciones de forma que el conjunto cobra sentido narrativo, visual y auditivo. Es en esencia un ensamblaje de las “piezas” o material que se ha acumulado… (leer más)

3D Animation, Examples: Christmas Tinsel [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

Modeling an object in Blender can be addressed with different editing techniques. In this case we use from curves to define their shape. We will approach the problem in three development activities:

Create a tube of great length and small diameter of the object form the basis.
Addto its surface “strips” or “by” that give it its characteristic shape.
Assign the material and define the characteristics of illumination for visual effect we seek.

Compose Images View: Rotation [Microsoft Image Composite Editor]

After seeing a real example (ledge of apple orchards) on composing panoramic images, we get into our virtual laboratory to analyze some possibilities of software “Microsoft Image Composite Editor” To perform the various tests that subject this creation software panoramic compositions, It has built a simplified model… (leer más)

Compose Images View [Microsoft Image Composite Editor]

When we travel and find scenery like we can get several photos of the same place to take a full memory of what we perceive visually. These partial images (limited by the camera lens) they can become an overview linking the different shots. Met it a very easy to use tool to the… (leer más)