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Soma resin [ 3D Printer ]

Soma resin

3D printers are becoming more common in college environments, industrial and scientific. Gradually incorporate other household types to become an element of our toolboxes.

These tools allow 3D models from a data file that describes the geometry. Normally be used for parts or mechanical objects or simple rapid prototyping.

Here I present the results of using this technique to produce 3D views of the soma of a neuron, that can be used for the study neuroscientists morphologically.

Modelling with Blender curtains


Let the modeled, in this case, a window curtains. We will see how to create a basic form that will encourage and in the case of clothing with Blender simulator. To create a more realistic effect add a wind effect that gently push the curtains and we will render with cycles to see the final effect.

3D Animation, Simulation : Clothing: Generate a deformed mesh (Convert)


In studying the cloth simulation and its main variables with Blender saw how we could, from a mesh, encourage its deformation to create deformations ( folds and wrinkles ) as a fabric.

We can deform a mesh using this physical simulation methodology, stop the simulation at a particular frame and turn the deformed mesh into a static mesh is no longer subjected to simulation.

Cinematic Timelapse


Timelapse technique has been used conventionally in nature images or any other type of reality capture (vehicle movement, personas, etc.). Una aplicación novedosa de este sistema de reproducción acelerada de imágenes puede permitirnos visualizar una compleja y larga secuencia de creación de imagen de síntesis. Oliver Villar nos… (leer más)

3D Animation, Examples: Create a Snowflake [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]


Let's see how we can create a snowflake using the Blender geometry editor 2.6.

A snowflake, as we have used to create a wallpaper, is a fractal (self-similar) with six axes of symmetry. Its structure is therefore based on models which are essentially hexagonal, as shown in the attached image. Each arm hence repeated six times on each of the flakes, although there are different configurations depending on the crystallization conditions such as temperature and humidity.

3D Animation, Examples: Árbol de navidad [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

Christmas Tree

Let's see how to model with Blender is a small tree which has served to make the Christmas card presented in the first image.

We use a model similar to that used to create the Christmas tinsel, based on the concept of incorporating Blender hair.

3D Animation, Objects: Edit Vertices [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Edit a geometric model by transforming the position of the vertices, is a routine task in the process of creating objects for animation.

A complex object is obtained from a simple object by adding and removing vertices, well as their spatial displacement.

It should start editing simple elements, gradually increasing complexity.

A training on simple objects can absorb the potential for manipulation of these elements, facilitating learning to use, later, to apply them to more complex models.

3D Animation, Efectos: Create a Halo [Blogs experimental][ Blender ]

A halo can be classified within the lighting elements, or be considered a special effect. We have seen an example of using this technique as in the case of Halo of the Sun; we will see how to define and how to adjust some of its parameters. La clasificación tiene sentido para la organización del interface… (leer más)

3D Animation, Modeling: Building with Lattice [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

To model an object you can use different editing techniques. Let's build a building that can serve a simple animation, using familiar tools. As always, try to rely on a few concepts to simplify the process. Estructura del Edificio Partiremos de un objeto “Cube” Model based. This object (the cube)… (leer más)